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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Benefits of PHP Programming in Custom Web Development

The original full form of PHP is Personal Home Page but in programming sense it stands for Hyper Text Preprocessor. HTML is client side language means Browser translate the HTML code into the “byte code” that is easy to follow for a computer. The “byte code” then translated into the out put as we see on the screen for instance in to the Text or Image.

Server side language in web development

PHP is server side language means PHP has an interpreter that interprets PHP code into the HTML code for a browser means every time it writes the HTML for your PC’s browser from the server where it resides. That means it can generate HTML for so many browsers at a time. Rest of process is same for the HTML as we have discussed earlier, means HTML get translated in to the byte code and byte code in to the computer screen Text or Image. With server-side scripting languages, you don’t need anything adding to your browser or computer, as the interpreter inside the machine that hosts the particular Website does most of the work.

Dynamic language in web development

HTML is static language therefore it creates static pages whilst PHP is dynamic language. Here dynamic means? Suppose you run a forum and you have a page written for today. You have to edit the whole site for its update if it is written in HTML, for a page for tomorrow you will again edit the site and so on for the next days. If your site is written in a PHP you need not go to edit it every time you write a post. This process is automated for a server side language.

What dose PHP do here? It sends the data of your written page for forum to the server. On server it saves in “pre-defined” variables (things that store a value), and using something called a “while loop” that continually loops all the posts saved in the Web page – and that’s it! PHP stores the posts in a MySQL database (something that holds data, if you like, like member accounts, etc) and uses that as long-term memory.

Fast and better in web development

PHP is compiled by PHP engine on runtime this makes its execution rapid so it is running fast. Its codes are highly optimized means it never put any strain over the server as well as nothing left for the machine of the browser where it runs means computers of the users. PHP is effective with a rational database like MySQL so it is fast with database use too.

Other benefits in web development

The code of PHP is simple and easy to understandIt is most suited to the needs of small business as it cost less compare to other languages and give better performance.PHP is highly adaptable to the most of the databases connectivity.PHP has cross platform compatibility means it can run on all OS like windows, Linux, Mac etc.PHP is cross browser compatible means it can run on any browser.PHP differentiate the presentation layer and data layers very well.It can be used in command line scripting.

PHP Tools useful in web developmentHere I did try to give you links of some of useful PHP tools during web development.Debugging Tools

Webgrind ( ( PHP Debugger ( ( (

Testing and Optimization Tools

PHPUnit ( ( ( ( (

Documentation Tools

phpDocumentor ( DOX (

Security Tools

SecurimageScavengerPHP-IDSPixy: PHP Security Scanner

Image Manipulation and Graphs

PHP/SWF ChartspChart – a chart-drawing PHP libraryWideImageMagickWand For PHP

PHP Code Beautifier

PHP_BeautifierPHPCodeBeautifierGeSHi – Generic Syntax Highlighter

Version-Control Systems


Useful Extensions, Utilities and Classes

SimplePieHTML PurifierhtmlSQLPHPMathPublisherphpMyAdminPHPExcel

PHP Online Tools and Resources

Minify!PHP Object GeneratorgotAPI/PHPkodersPECL

In-Browser Tools (Firefox Add-Ons)

FirePHPphpLangEditorPHP LookupPHP Manual Search

Frameworks for PHP

DwooCodeIgniterYII Framework

PHP IDEs and Editors

PhpEDphpDesignerZend Studio

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