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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

PHP creating thousands of jobs if not millions

PHP based LAMP web development is increasing rapidly for its open nature and almost free tools. Compared to Java or .Net development need at least $200 to $300 for each developer to start developing on those technologies. But for LAMP - PHP based need almost $0 [not taken hardware and network cost] to start amazing web site and portals. Only for enterprise solutions and IDE like .Net platform need some little money to start on ease.
Many of the development countries like India are now making huge progress in LAMP development. Not only the development countries or poor infrastructures countries but also giant companies like Oracle, IBM even Microsoft too trying to get its profit part from PHP.
But the lack of good developer /programmer in PHP is scorching day by day. As open source development need very strong basic / fundamentals of computer science otherwise all are them are merely HTML extension programmer nothing else. They merely use copy and paste. They even do not know about 5% of PHP and related technologies need to develop good web applications.
But this is the power of PHP, as a web developer with merely 10% knowledge in PHP and related technology can work out many a times if not always in his / her life.
We both developers and web development companies need to concentrate to develop the quality of developer as well as tools need to create grate application by spending very little compared to other development environments.
If you see the trends in computer languages here
and also can see the current positions of php and compared to other languages here

Jun 2008 Position
Jun 2007 Delta in Position Programming Language Ratings
Jun 2008 Delta
Jun 2007 Status
1 1 Java 20.890% +0.86% A
2 2 C 15.513% -0.45% A
3 3 C++ 10.806% -0.31% A
4 5 PHP 10.206% +1.33% A
5 4 (Visual) Basic 9.787% +0.46% A
6 6 Perl 5.548% -0.63% A
7 8 Python 4.899% +1.74% A
8 7 C# 4.058% +0.57% A
9 9 JavaScript 2.927% +0.31% A
10 10 Ruby 2.640% +0.51% A
So there is no confusion that PHP is the king in web.
Many best sites and portals depends on PHP for its power.
I wish all the best.
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