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Friday, June 13, 2008

How new iPhone 3G may change the world of Internet

Apple has inroduced its revolutionary product iPhone. Which integrate 3 type of products in itself 1. iPod 2. Phone and 3. Internet communication device
It has amezing features besides it will be able to brows the direct html not through wap. Means from now there will be almost no need to create wap version of the site to display / work on phone (wap). Instead it will directly browse the site on its safari browser. Huge memory and cheap reate will definitely make it popular worldwide. And ofcourse seamless internet connection will change the whole internet connection also.
Not only the communication industry but also other industry also be mutually benifited from it. As from now cafe / resturanbt can give the wifi hotspot to attract the customer and customer also go there for free internet and all phone calls from there with hiugh speed internet connection and voip from those hotspots.
Like these thousands of oppertunities will be evolved.
Open source application developer will be benifited to keep concentration on his work and experties rather than learning many differnt technology like wap , web etc..
GPS system will get life thorough its gps applications.
Many more oppertunity will evelove.
Inspite of its lots of features, it has constraint too both for users and application developers.
It's memroy can't be expandable from outside.
SDK is only for mac.
Camaera is very primitive inrespect of other smart phones.
But it has used EDGE and 3G in such a way that normal GSM system gets a fresh life over CDMA and other packet switching network for cell.
I wish all the best when this type of phones will comes form other cell phone makers to make it more compatitive.
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