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Monday, January 21, 2008

Why these Engineers fails to engineering

I have been for more than 10 years in Programming / Software Engineering.
Recent years I have been seeing that new comers into the IT (especially Software) are not worthy. But the question is why ? why most of them are incapable to compete even average standard to comply?
I have found some of the reasons, since I have been working with them for some years.

Main causes :
1. Not even touch average level of IQ. What is must for the industry to implement solution of a normal to complex problem.

2. They are mostly from private institutes on which there are lot of complains that students use books on exam even after get the full suggestive question papers.

3. Many of them nor honest to learn neither dedicated to their work.

These are the main causes we know about their failure. But I am not telling that there are no exception or I am trying to hurt anybody. And also hope that they will at least try to be honest so that both (they and industry) will be able to produce quality products which will make a brand for itself.

Unfortunately many big companies do not give the opportunity to compete on their companies because I have done the PG from IGNOU. But fortunately today I can say that any body can compete with me in my field and it is open. Because it is not my boast but faith on my ability.
In respect of quality and evaluation it is far tough than any normal university or college. But many a people do not have enough time and money to spend for full time course and everybody must understand this. Otherwise they will fell on their ego.
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