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Tuesday, September 11, 2007


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Hi Friends,
Express about yourself related to LAMP (Linux, Apache, Mysql and PHP).

Tell your amazing story of your success through LAMP.

As I am working / leaving by LAMP for more than 5 years. I have gathered many beautiful memories with it.

My Story:
I am from a very poor family in India. Like other poor children I also got lot of trouble and obstacle throughout my life journey. But my iron determination and help from my mother and other family members as well as friends and some unknown people, today I have achieved a position (though it is just beginning).
I couldn't afford good school, good teacher or good books. But I always believe that if a person think that he can then he surely can. I am a commerce graduate but I always learned / study science, technology and many different type of books since my childhood. I always spend lot of time in public library even in as early age in 10 or 11 years old.
I always liked body building, boxing, martial art, NCC etc. Because I think body and mind both must be perfect and balanced with discipline.
Unfortunately I never returned a very good result due to many problem and lack of proper guidance.
I always a self taught person. So I always try to learn by myself and always succeeded but needed more time.
I had to learn the HS mathematics for my MCA. I have cleared both with good score by self taught method.
I had started my career as developer with Clipper and Dbase. From there to now the latest Mysql and PHP, Web2 and lot of tools.
I believe that logic and algorithm is the main thing behind a good software engineer. Which language is using to implement the logic and theory is blurred.

LAMP break point:
At 2002 it was very bad time for general software engineer in country. Then I had an opportunity from a MNC that I had to work in LAMP and had to prove
my candidature within a month.
I proved and since then I loved the Open Source and PHP.

Myth buster:
Most of the big development company do not give any chance to compete, who have passed out from open university system (eg. IGNOU). They should know that most of the student do not have the money or other facility to study on expensive private colleges in our country. Other side IGNOU like university is too tough that you can get the admission after done a primary course but pass out is really tough than any private university / colleges. Most of the student do not have time to study for whole day. In our country many poor students like me can't afford such lavish things. They have no way other than study besides work to earn money to live and study.
Today I have proved by my work that I can produce world class application.
And for us LAMP and other open source are window to get opportunities to prove ourselves.

Current Story:
When I join recent company as a Project Manager. I had been asked to make the company in world class LAMP development company and one of the best in the knowledge city. At the beginning I seen most of the team members are looking for job changes, to different language and technology. I have constantly not only work hard but also constantly boost their mind to positive attitude towards LAMP future and then gradually to open source. Thank god, now they are motivated, energized towards a good carreer in it. I always show them the lead path breaking story, teach how to use the world standard development tools and method besides constantly learning myself. And I also learned many a things from them. I am trying to make them all happy including clients, company and team member.

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